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Rožė Jasudavičiūtė,
Elvyra Kondraškienė,
Janina Buitkienė
Active lexis and background information
Kaina: 2,95 Eur
Leidėjas: Ciklonas
Puslapių skaičius: 132
Formatas: A5

This book is a second updated edition of “English in Topics”. It pursues three major aims. The first aim is to provide third year students with active vocabulary on a number of topics. This is meant to promote learners’ speaking and writing competence. The vocabulary is arranged in a system which enables learners to see interrelation between/among words, thus making it easier to memorize them. The second goal of the teaching aid is to combine students’ prior knowledge of lexicology, stylistics and grammar with the current studies of practical English. The third aim of this teaching aid is to acquaint its users with some elements of British culture within the range of the topics covered. Culture is used in a broad sense of the word and implies a way of life, social institutions, art, music and all the other products of human thought made by a particular group of people at a particular time. The meanings of the headword and the members of the word family are explained with the help of English definitions and illustrated by natural and typical examples taken from the most recent dictionaries available. They also serve as model sentences to aid users in production. Besides the denotational meaning of the word, its connotational component is also indicated, if present. It helps the reader to see what speakers mean, what their emotions, evaluation or attitudes are. It also gives information about the register (formal or informal) the word occurs in and whether it refers to British or American English.

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